Magic Box

Jul 31


Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash

Curtained ill-lit palace of sticky floors,

welcomed by popcorn and red velvet ropes.

A new world awaits beyond double doors,

butter and soda and candy me hopes.

Happy stroll down the carpeted hallway

for a journey with strangers in the dark.

All worries and pressure move to make way,

Romance and horror alive in a spark.

Sound shoots for the chest from speakers great size,

color meets music to nourish the soul.

Rainbow’s full spectrum assault watching eyes,

wishing to stay before the credits roll.

Cheeks still wet, departing the seat and aisle.

It’s so hard to shed this wide and fixed smile.

Hugo is a writer of fiction, culture, and politics. Follow him on Twitter (@hugosaysgo) for recommended reading and memes, and on Instagram (@hugosnaps) for photography. Happy reading.




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