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I have been telling some of my closest friends recently that I am seriously let-down by the return of familiar routines. Rather, I am puzzled at the “no big deal” demeanor that people seem to regard the pandemic with, vaccinated or otherwise. Are we seriously going to pretend like that didn’t happen? Where is the firework display?

I can only speak from an American perspective when I say that the vaccination rollout has been remarkably efficient — something that we in the U.S. might take for granted. You would think that after we were all subjected to a year of…

How and Why the U.S. was Unprepared for COVID-19

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Preface: I’m not a doctor, scientist, or elected official. I urge you to follow the facts, some of which are spelled out within the following essay. I also urge you to only listen to the pros — the governors, mayors, nurses, doctors. In a nation, particularly, filled with misinformation and “research” stemming from the fathoms of fiction, it is critical to disregard any advice that isn’t sourced or that doesn’t come from the aforementioned pros.

As the sun was falling on the end of a decade, doctors in China were treating patients with pneumonia of an unknown cause. A few…

The Early Prediction

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Disclosure: I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. I will vote for the Democratic candidate in 2020, regardless of who it is. I’ll do this because it’s easier to make a difficult choice than the wrong choice.

Election Day 2020 is closer than we think. Sure, we have yet to see the end to winter; we have an entire summer ahead. However, once all the states get their primary votes counted, November 3rd will be less than four months away. Here is the breakdown: Super Tuesday is on March 3rd. A week after this political “holiday,” six other states will…

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The 2020 Democratic Iowa caucus will be held on February 3rd. It’s a highly anticipated event that serves as a litmus test for the race. Not only have the remaining candidates been scrambling to earn votes, but they’ve been aiming to grasp momentum. Although Iowa goes first in the primary process, the caucus doesn’t have a stellar record for predicting the next president. Since their creation in 1972 (the Republican Iowa caucus began in 1976), only three times has the winner of the state gone on to secure the White House win. The caucus still garners plenty of attention and…

A View of Dramatic American Politics

The Atlantic

To be objective is to be impartial and mature. It is to be rigid and right, nonpartisan and neutral. Objective truths are recognized as facts; they are recognized by means of history, precedent, laws, and science. They are not to be argued with or altered, because they establish the foundations of any functioning system. Truth, when observed or revealed, is crystal clear. It is the revered standard by which the entire legislative system roots from. It is often sharp, brilliant, devastating, and unrelenting. Above all, it is always correct. Truth is humbling and necessary. Truth unveils the face of valor…

An Assesment of the Tech World and Where We’re Headed

Rolling Stone

A few weeks ago, I came across a New Yorker article titled: “The Robot Caravan.” (The digital title is “Are Robots Competing for Your Job?”) The read is intriguing, even for someone like me who is not adept with tech. In summary, the story tells of the “coming invasion” of robots and A.I. — specifically, how these robots and programs will eventually put a sizable fraction of the American public out of work. Anders Sandberg, of the University of Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute, says, “If your job can be easily explained, it can be automated.” An impressive study from…

The Anticlimactic Destination

Associated Press

A week after the Clemson Tigers routed the vaunted and usually dominant Alabama football team, the new champions visited the White House to receive their congratulations from the President. Due to the longest government shutdown in history, a fraction of the White House staff has been furloughed; the cooks are gone. President Trump reportedly opened his wallet to pay for the celebratory dinner — a comical and almost sad collection of fast food items, individually wrapped or contained within paper or cardboard, suffused across long tables and resting above silver platters. The spread was a buffet of…

A not-poem

365 Atlanta Traveler

The best planners look ahead with the farsightedness of six months. In the throes of summer, holiday plans are drafted. The family will be together; friends will be in town. The kids will be out of school and work will be suspended. It should be a pleasant time. However, the sequence of explosions that is the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is anything but chill.

It’s a scramble of schedules, trying to get everyone on the same page. This is like trying to force on a pair of jeans that are three sizes too small. …

Breaking down the ultimate American competition

ABC News

The Republican National Convention began on July 18, 2016. On that remarkable day, Republican delegates and party advocates packed Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. Amid the day’s scheduled speakers and festivities, the man of the hour was introduced with immense drama, pomp, and bravado. Queen’s “We Are the Champions” played while the house lights in the arena dimmed and faded to blue. An excitement arose within the crowd. The primary focus shifted to the large stage where LED’s created a white canvas, bright lights projected onto a white scrim. A tall yet stocky figure emerged from stage right and…

Kevin Hart & The Oscars


On December 4, 2018, word got out that Kevin Hart was to host the Oscars. It was a dream come true for the 39 year old comedian and actor. He called it “the opportunity of a lifetime.” The elation was shortlived as old tweets were rediscovered and shared. In less than three days, a dream came to fruition and the same dream was dismantled. Kevin Hart is out as Oscars host. This is due to what some perceived as homophobic language and behavior.

The tweets in question are dated, some going back to 2009. You can read them and about…


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